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Thank you to the residents of the Gravois Fire District who supported the levy increase and to those who assisted in the project.

The revenue generated from the levy increase will improve the benefits of paid personnel, reducing the attrition of trained and qualified firefighters to other local agencies with better benefits, add additional personnel both volunteer and career, provide adequate firefighting and rescue equipment for the firefighters and long term maintenance and replacement when that equipment is no longer useable, staff another firehouse full time in 4 years, keep all firehouses open, all firefighters working and allow us to continue to provide the services our residents have become accustom to and deserve well into the future.

Chief Hancock



Remember to change the batteries in all your smoke detectors when changing your clocks for daylight savings time. This insures that the batteries are always good and take this opportunity to test the smoke detectors to be sure they work. It is recommended that you replace a smoke detector when it reaches ten years in service.                                             

Smoke Detectors save lives but only if they work.




Wildland Fire Safety and Open Burning

Before doing any open burning remember to check this web site for Fire Danger Information and call the fire in before you light it.

Click the safety information tab for local and state open burning regulations and the number to call before burning.

BURN NOTICE - MODERATE wildland fire danger

The Gravois Fire Protection District has placed the wildland fire danger at MODERATE. All persons should remain vigilant if doing any open burning, including burn barrels and recreational fires and use extreme caution with fireworks. Any fuel can ignite from another fire or heat source and may experience slow to moderate spread, if allowed to come in contact with dry or dead fuel especially if driven by wind can react unpredictably. Any property in the path of a fire is at risk. With warmer temperatures, winds and lower humidity wildland fire condition will rapidly worsen as winds dry out ground fuel. All persons should refrain from any open burning, regardless of published wildland fire danger any time humidity drops below 40% or wind speeds exceed 10 mph. 

Dock Inspections

The Gravois Fire Protection District does not currently conduct permit inspections for Dock Electrical.

We will respond to a report of electricity in the water or a swimmer being shocked, call 911 immediately and an emergency response will be initiated.

Permit application and regulations required by Ameren, Missouri are available on their web site:

For safety inspections: contact an electrician and have them conduct an inspection based on the regulations from Ameren.

Welcome to Gravois Fire

We are a tax supported fire district and are a combination department with a paid Fire Chief, Deputy Chief and an Administrative Assistant; nine paid firefighters and volunteer staff consisting of firefighters, junior firefighters, officers and support staff. The district is governed by a three member board of directors elected by the voters.

Our service area covers 150 square miles on the West side of The Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri, in Morgan and Camden County, the City of Laurie and City of Gravois Mills. Our Eastern and Western Boundaries are the center line of the Lake of the Ozarks and encompass 63 miles of shoreline.

ANSWER THE CALL!    We are always looking for additional firefighers to help meet the requests for service from the residents and visitors to our area.  If you are interested in helping your community and your neighbors, "ANSWER THE CALL" join today and become a member of our firefighting family.  YOU CAN make a difference. Contact us and find out how!

Gravois Fire Protection District
215 Highway O, Laurie, MO 65037
Phone: (573) 374-4442  |  Fax:   (573) 374-4373  |  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Morgan County Communications Center
Phone: (573) 378-5481  |  Fax:   (573) 378-5441